The following footage has been uploaded to youtube by Nacho Video. Clever as. History. We made a lot of noise with ‘I feel like a Tooheys’ and turned it round from 13 per cent market share up to about 48, I think it was.”. (Sounds of Tooheys jingle) Gawen Rudder is the manager of the Advertising Federation of Australia. I LIKE AEROPLANE JELLY. Which two opposites partnered to produce the songs that defined their generation? The result from those sessions was the most direct and immediate music Jones has ever recorded. . Thank Got for NT Draght! Listen to the lyrics Jo (and the two sang together): ‘I feel like a brand name, I feel like a brand name, I feel like a brand name or two, I feel like a . "Bora-Bora Yacht Club," "His and Her Tournament Chub Cay 1983," "I feel like a Tooheys . The gig took place at the Manzil Room which was a popular live venue and the 'in place' back in the 70s. Tevor Lucas sang it as Lazy Harry's on his LP Overlander (1966). As individuals they were brilliant; as a team they were simply unbeatable. Bonus Fact #1: “Good Morning, Good Morning” (off ‘Sgt. Generous. Sadly [there is no more footage]. Perhaps numbed by shock and grief, McCartney’s reaction to John’s murder, “It’s a drag, isn’t it?” summed up the deterioration of the personal and professional relationship between the two. I can remember our language teacher announcing to us that the beauty of this most modern of Latin phrases was that it scanned so well it could be sung to the music of the beer jingle. Pepper’s’) took its chorus and title from a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes commercial. John the myopic mop-top art student, was all sadness and discord; whilst the more extraverted St Barnabas choir boy Paul, brought lightness and optimism to the partnership. When the stuttering, sing-along 'De-de-de-Decore' advertising campaign for Decore shampoo and conditioner was launched in May 1988, it created a sensation. A.L. ... Jo sang most of the slang-filled jingles he and Mo wrote in broad Aussie accent. You might be picturing the girl on the swing singing “I like Aeroplane Jelly”, but this iconic Aussie advertising jingle began before television, screening in the cinemas in the 1940s. Mischievous. I’m me.”. Intuitive. Gawen Rudder [right] is principal of The Knowledge Consultancy, Sydney. The jingle's ubiquitous presence registered such that when school children were tested and asked to complete the following: ‘I feel like…’ For the vast majority there was only one right answer: ‘A Tooheys’ The jingle also made an impression on touring rocker David Bowie who sang it during the encore of his final Australian concert in 1978.

Stubborn. Our cultural cringe faded as their Paul Hogan tourism campaign found international success and delivered a new sense of national identity and confidence. History will record that Mo and Jo changed the conversation and gave us back our Australian accent. Their names appeared joined together on the credits on all 180-plus Beatles songs regardless of who wrote the words or music. We were closer than families in a lot of ways. As Mo said, “Remember there’s a huge difference between doing a one-off ad and a campaign. This is the only known live footage from the Australia tour. Register for Free and receive the Campaign Brief Daily Bulletin. Band members became increasingly involved in outside activities and new relationships were formed with Paul marrying Linda, and John marrying Yoko at a Registry Office in Gibraltar a week later. Not surprisingly, triple j and Double J have both previewed the track prior to its release. Guess what? ‘You oughta be congratulated’ for Meadow Lea, Paul Hogan tourism campaign found international success, Like their Tooheys campaign that ran for the best part of 15 years. He’d like to be the one. Or Fosters! (As Paul and young George Harrison were both under 21 at the time, the contract also bears the required signatures of their fathers.). [citation needed]It can be found on tap at almost any bar in New South Wales.. History. This article first appeared in Campaign Brief magazine. To many the peak of Beatlemania was ‘Sgt. Good weekend to you as well. But as with other successful partnerships in adland it was the balance between the two that made the total greater than the sum of the parts. A detailed documentary can be heard here. A voice like ‘golden syrup poured over blue metal.’. Think Rob Belgiovane, the AJF lads, et al. brand name or two, I feel like a brand name don’t you?” It was pretty hardcore advertising, and it was entertainment.

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