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Research shows high approval ratings


During 2016 the Trust carried out over 400 interviews on the Gardens, with residents, local employees and visitors from London, the UK and across the world who together make up the millions who visit the Gardens each year. There were a further 100 in depth interviews with local residents and 200 responses to web surveys from local employees and residents . 

Results of this research are extremely positive from users of the Gardens in all categories. Over 97% agreed or strongly agreed that the landscaping was well maintained, 91% saw the Gardens as free of litter, and strong perceptions of safety (94%) were encouragingly the same for male and female responders. 95% saw the Gardens as good or very good for the local community and 97% agreed or strongly agreed that they improve the quality of the South Bank area. 98% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement ‘The greenery of Jubilee Gardens is a welcome relief from the busy South Bank. In response to the question ‘Overall, how would you rate Jubilee Gardens, 98.5% said ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

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