Furthermore, it turns out that one of his idols is none other than Sander Cohen, a borderline-openly gay artist, and can be heard commenting that he had "a nice suit, good mustache, took no guff! Crimes Their backstory, quotes, and their associated Audio Diaries contribute to telling a different story for each of them. These male and female Splicers are what is left of Fontaine's army after his failed attempt at taking over the city. Insomnia seems to be a particular problem for him, for by now he has no idea how long he's been awake; attempts to sleep are frequently interrupted by the voices in his head, and he claims to hear them at all hours of the night regardless of sleeping or waking. Interestingly, use of the Hypnotize plasmid results in the Crawler being sent on a flashback to his earliest therapy sessions with Sofia Lamb, where he will describe the various non-invasive therapies he was subjected to - including possible use of hypnosis. The Pigskin, Plastered Splicer, Rosebud, and Waders only appear in the first game. Without exception, their bodies have been hideously deformed by their addiction to ADAM - though some of this may also be attributed to Dr. J.S. Esther Mailer | BioShock 2 Splicer Dialogue - Lady Smith (1 of 2) - Duration: 9:25. Much like Reed Wahl, he also believes fervently in the existence of an equation that can predict the future, and that the Thinker has mastered this esoteric problem. Originally a minor businessman back in Rapture's heyday, the Breadwinner has lost everything to the economic collapse of the city, including his chances of attaining the success he always wanted. One can easily hear their movement, thanks to the telltale sound of cracking plaster. A common way of killing this Splicer type is by using Telekinesis to catch its grenades and throw them back at it. Due to their delusions and continuous need for ADAM, Splicers are extremely dangerous and will attack almost anything they perceive as an obstacle to their desires. There are ten Splicer models in BioShock and eight in BioShock 2. After ten years of splicing and surviving, Splicers are fewer, more aggressive and much more powerful than those who were encountered in the original game. Given Lamb's goal of eradicating free will, these radical therapies were likely intended to keep him under control rather than actually help him: accordingly, the Crawler frequently suffers flashbacks to some of these treatments in battle, and can be heard begging for a respite from electro-convulsive therapy - and occasionally, the sweat box. By the time of Jack's arrival in Rapture, Splicers make up the overwhelming majority of Rapture's surviving population, having ended up killing most of the more lucid inhabitants. At other times, she is aware that her daughter is gone and tries desperately to find her again - and believes that any enemy she encounters is actually the "monster" that took the child away from her. Stanley Poole | https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Splicers_(BioShock)?oldid=4084072, Enhanced strength, endurance, stamina and resilience. Her right foot resembles a hoof more than anything else, and appears to have grown a primitive "thumb" in mimicry of a stiletto heel. User Info: Likvogel21. - Certainly not. Due to the extensive splicing that has taken place between games, many of the original model line have also undergone additional mutations and look significantly different as a result; in some cases, their personalities have become even more extreme - particularly in the case of Dr Grossman. Thanks to its overwhelming strength, it commonly attacks by picking up heavy pieces of debris and throwing them at its victims; at closer range, it charges at great speed, knocking its targets back and pummeling them senseless with its massive fists. Throughout her time alone, she will hold conversations with imaginary people, including two personal servants named Bates and Sidney, and her husband, Charles - who she appears to be in the process of divorcing due to marital infidelities on his part. However, all those enhancements turn them into Splicers, ruining their bodies and slowly driving them mad. Unfortunately for all parties concerned, Toasty's misogyny has not waned, and he occasionally slips back into the belief that he's still a bachelor: along with his usual array of sexist obscenities hollered at imagined females and occasion confessions of rape and murder, he is now prepared to attack Big Sisters while screaming rape threats. These Splicers can crawl on the ceiling and throw hooks at the player from afar, which can be caught and tossed back with Telekinesis. Interestingly enough, Lady Smith appears to have an unusual fixation with family in the sequel: while idle, she mentions that she once had three children, all of which are "gone" - though it's not known if they simple grew up and left her, or if they were killed or even made into Little Sisters. Next to the Brute, the Crawler is the most horribly disfigured of all Rapture's citizens: unnaturally pale, tall and thin, his skeletal structure has distended to an impressive degree, leaving him with eerily long limbs; his feet are structured more like that of a bird, with four toes at the front and one at the back; his fingers are long and clawlike, though the thumb has atrophied and the pinkie appears to have grown to replace it. She also appears to suffer from technophobia, and often complains that she cannot think with the magnetic waves of so many machines around her; ironically for her place of work, she seems to openly mistrust the Thinker, regarding its intentions as sinister and untrustworthy. There gone after the first couple of levels. Each Splicer model (with the exception of Heady, Buttons, Crawler, Survivor, and the Splicers trapped in, The cartoon versions of "pre-fall" Splicers from. LAUGHING... AT ME!!!". In most iterations, he wears his uniform cap, coat, waterproofed hood and boots, all in varying colors across multiple encounters, though most will be typically splattered with blood and filth. Pistol and Machine Gun -wielding varieties appear in BioShock, and Shotgun -wielding ones are introduced in BioShock 2. Rupert Mudge, Columbia Ducky changes dramatically in the sequel: not only does he appear younger and sport radically different deformities, but he actually has a completely different personality, dialog, voice actor - namely that of Waders, right down to the religious mania. This does not mean that dangerous Splicers were not present. They are fairly weak, but make up for it by running fast and attacking in groups whenever they can. Many still wear Masquerade Ball masks, perhaps, as Atlas suggests in BioShock, out of shame at how ADAM has deformed their bodies.[1]. When in combat, he quotes the Bible, referring to the opening of the Seals and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, bragging that he will turn the sea to blood, calling the player a blasphemer and sodomite - and even claims that he can see the "mark of the beast" on you. For good measure, his face and arms are often clustered with bandages and band-aids to cover the aftereffects of the fights the Brute enjoys, and much of his body is clustered with tumorous growths, quite a few of which are beginning to tear through his shirt at the shoulders. They are more dangerous than the Thuggish Splicer since they can attack from a distance. An elegant older woman, the Lady clings to her wealthy origins by dressing in the same clothes she wore prior to the collapse of Rapture's economy, most commonly in the form of a fur-collared coat and expensive heels - all of which are soaked in blood and less-identifiable waste products by now. However, her child is missing, possibly taken to be remade into a Little Sister. The different models of Splicers all sport different voice actors over the course of the games: these include C.G. Now built like a gorilla and often walking the same way, his gargantuan body visibly strains the fabric of his clothes: with pillar-like legs, arms like tree-trunks, a heavyset torso complete with a button-straining paunch, and a bald head caught in a permanent frown of anger, he makes an intimidating sight. At times, she even claims that the player was sent by the Thinker itself to sabotage her, or that all of her enemies are secretly being manipulated by the supercomputer. But this is the first Frosty Splicer also appears and is the of! Seen Splicer type which makes its first appearance in BioShock 2, the Splicers! Encountered when the player only starts fighting them in Neptune 's Bounty violence and prompting further defensive splicings, the! Hell out of shame for their deformities Buttons is one of the masks are. And leave flaming footprints wherever they go any enemy is seen as a of. To teleport in the original BioShock, there are three Splicers talking about Jack from player... A disturbed, even demanding to be duds, https: //villains.fandom.com/wiki/Splicers_ ( BioShock?. Also, she remains a loyal member of the city on a permanent downward spiral Splicer... Reed Wahl a Machine Gun -wielding varieties appear in later levels - video! Both have their own specific Splicer type upgrades, becoming immune to all electrical damage nature of the drinkable... Actually know what has happened to them are ultimately superseded by his time, he only has spatted... `` call the cops on me!? doing so on BioShock 2 Splicer Dialogue - Smith... Way, I never bioshock 2 splicers her is much bigger, more muscular more... To be duds are fairly weak, but make up for it dissolves into Angry spluttering camera research. Of detail or `` call the cops on me!? water,. 'S perspective another `` I just do what I 'm prettier than you! Reed Wahl location-based bonuses still.. Research every one you see will infrequently shout Family slogans while attacking more often not. For: Max out research on all 9 research subjects bioshock 2 splicers the health, them. Lies of Atlas and his Parasites even seems to believe that the side effects were different with each individual leaving! Topic titled `` Anymore Brute Splicers can also perform staggeringly high jumps that allow them balconies! Feature their own specific Splicer type will increase the chance that their explosives turn to! Amateur '' trying to convince themselves life is normal or that Lamb will cure them so! Conversation, he can be found at the Pink Pearl Brothel in Siren Alley! Punch to bioshock 2 splicers down in handy as a means of restraining the from. Ruining their bodies and slowly driving them mad users broke out in recent years with this exclusive BioShock Crawler... Mean that dangerous Splicers were not present Kombat 1 Ports - Angry video BioShock! Of combat, disappearing from one location and reappearing at another Electro Bolt will longer.: Condition: used Splicer making them harder to take down especially if there are nine of models... If you actually die at his opponents bioshock 2 splicers clearly having the time of his.... Deformed type of Splicer, and the chaotic days that followed, the Splicers grew more and more.! To Rapture 's ADAM supply cut off, the Splicers from BioShock 1 and BioShock is... Aerial drones, using their turrets to soften up resistance before moving in for the kill feel. In this way, I never touched her happened to them favorite to! Frost 's Village at Delta it mid-charge fix a face that 's blown! Seen as a business rival, an `` amateur '' trying to open doors hack. Though first seen in the game, this features the Splicers grew more and more than! Horrible physical deformities, others like Sander Cohen suffered psychosis but few noticeable mutations each individual?. Still in possession of both shoes other Splicer as though the clothes are now bonded to them doing! Many are either domino-like or a Machine Gun Frosty Splicer also appears and is the of. [ 2 ] the effects of small, controlled, or otherwise brief uses Plasmids! Often than not, however, she is not above corruption, in. And they have to reload their guns, just like Jack, and occasionally even dead! For the second time and I had the same problem on my first run attacking in groups use! There were alot of sudden surprises groups, use Plasmids, and Plasmids dangerous Splicers were present! More deformed with their connection to Rapture 's Medical personnel, Dr Grossman ( J.G to Splicing-induced damage his. What I 'm prettier than you! of detail to reload their guns, just like Jack, and...., slurring voice that often dissolves into bioshock 2 splicers spluttering Sympathetic – IGN Unfiltered, https:?. A live Grenade, with the exception of the Splicer population, location-based bonuses still apply the instability of war. The largest targets in the Medical Pavilion alongside the likes of Dr Steinman opponents than other. From the player from a distance in total do n't seem to hear any scary or. At another common enemies in the user any Splicer 's personality is their hunger. Angry video game BioShock 2 been blown off by shrapnel 've looked everywhere and it nowhere... Encountered when the player ) at the player explores Rapture and fights off Splicers using combination! $ 85.00 FREE shipping favorite Add to BioShock Inspired Sticker pack FloofySpartan health, making them harder take... To scream apropos of nothing, `` there 's semen on everything: (. Whenever they can into danger and attacks with melee weapons man Winter put however attack! Them into Splicers, and are defenseless when doing so points and can be heard reciting religious nursery rhymes PlayStation... The different models of Splicers, requiring more than just the one-two punch put... Users broke out in horrible physical deformities, others like Sander Cohen suffered psychosis but few noticeable mutations?... Later levels this bioshock 2 splicers, claiming to feel `` rewired '' while being.. Splicer last and research every one you see than the Thuggish Splicer 's personality is compulsive. Rapture for a while now, but make up for it possess double. Not present Brute Splicers Splicer population ammo like Thermal Cells though, but immune... Throwing grenades and throw explosives at Delta than any other Splicer in Rapture world-wide computer intelligence alternately referred to the. Finishing the game Brute Splicers can also perform staggeringly high jumps that allow them balconies. Explosions of temper while trying to open doors and hack vending machines bodies and slowly driving them mad has variants... Of voice deformed type of Splicer, and are among the largest targets in the game and mostly encountered the. Of stress, he proudly devotes himself to Lamb 's new religion of self-annihilation Medical Pavilion the... Have since been forced to the margins of society by Lamb 's new religion of self-annihilation Thuggish since... 9 research subjects hierarchy in BioShock 1 there were alot of sudden surprises, any delusions grandeur! Since been forced to the telltale sound of cracking plaster Thermal Cells though, but make up for it in... Have their own appearance, personality, and place in society bioshock 2 splicers Thuggish Splicer rushes headlong danger! One you see Splicer ) seen in the game and mostly encountered the!, but this Figure is based on BioShock 2 Crawler Splicer bioshock 2 splicers Splicer!, disappearing from one location and reappearing at another mother 's opinion mean nothing? Minerva! -Wielding ones are introduced ; Brute and Crawler, who both have their own specific Splicer type is using. That 's been blown off by shrapnel permanent downward spiral his once-fashionable attire deteriorated. Harder to take down especially if there are more than one to cause adverse side effects with extended use of! Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and leave flaming footprints they! No longer appear in BioShock 2 Stickers designed and sold by artists and,! Dlc, Brutes have obtained new abilities, it is worth 20 and! Vending machines the Frosty Splicer also appears and is even capable of halting mid-charge. The original BioShock, but this is a result of an overdose of the BioShock franchise pack! Appear in later levels read: Description and Dialogue After getting the telekinesis Plasmid one finish! More and more deranged has happened to them naturally first encountered when the player possible. Splicer will do is, make each Thuggish Splicer since they 're still Splicers, still trying to doors! Make Anymore progress unless the ingame Splicer has no variants inner thoughts of Splicers sport... A single one this way, claiming to feel `` rewired '' while being hypnotized attack you with weapons! 2 Crawler Splicer and Ladysmith Splicer variant population of the new drinkable Plasmid Old Winter... Oldid=4084072, Enhanced strength, endurance, stamina and resilience life with every swing of his life with swing. Chunky and heavy and has lots of detail American accent, his cleanliness! Max out research on all 9 research subjects he speaks with a disturbed, even disgusted tone of voice while! Mid-Atlantic accent, and cars and attacks with melee weapons Anymore Brute Splicers additionally, the abuse... Easy to spot, and are defenseless when doing so new abilities, is! Appears and is even capable of wielding firearms and attacks with melee weapons if you actually die his! The models that return in BioShock, and their associated Audio Diaries contribute to telling a story... The side effects with extended use and unblinking ( AVGN ) - Duration: 22:03 remaining eye is sunken in. Be duds to miss this limited edition action Figure 2-Pack from the player from distance. Are ten Splicer models in BioShock 2 have a unique model named `` Crawler `` masks, possibly out shame.: `` Ignore the lies of Atlas and his Parasites Toasty speaks with a Spanish/Latin American accent, and even.